Egypt’s Christians Celebrate Christmas Amid Fears


A series of attacks on churches earlier this year sent thousands of Coptic protesters into the streets, complaining that no culprits were brought to justice. In a dramatic turn, the latest of these protests in October was violently quelled by the country’s military rulers, leaving 27 people dead and sparking further outrage.
Some expressed dismay that the church should welcome military leaders, even though justice has yet to be meted against those responsible for the killing of Coptic protesters.
During the mass at the cathedral, the presence of top military officers angered some in the congregation, who briefly chanted “Down with military rule” before being silenced by others.
The political gains of Islamist groups who have dominated the first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections have also made many nervous.
Some Christians are also taking advantage of the more open political atmosphere to assertively push demands for equal status with Muslims.

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NO TO RELIGION: A 2012 and Beyond Enlightenment

This is a classic example of a nation in turbulence brought about by opposing religions.

Nonsense fear and opposition brought by nonsense ideologies. They themselves create and indulge into destruction.

How come they cannot perceive these negativities and unable to understand that this is not in alignment of what they really are..

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