Day 291 2014 – Wolves in sheep clothing, pretending in Church


It is time that we stop parading in the church as saints, when we know that we are not. God is not deceived and a time will come again, when men will be struck down in church for their audacity.

The times have changed and we feel and act bolder. We think that we can come on a Sunday morning and sing two songs, say a prayer and leave. We think that we can be liars, cheaters, backbiters, hypocrites and friends of the devil during the week. We think that we are not seen, nor our actions noted. However, this is far from the truth and many will pay with blood for their lies and deceitful actions.

How can we say we are Christians, yet not act what we preach. How can we say we are children of God, yet not represent the light of our father. How can we turn against our own brothers and sisters and wound them. Hypocrites and deceivers, your time will come. God is not mocked, neither is he weak. He is simply biding time, for everything happens in time. The price for our deceit is blood. He will require payment and he will be paid.

Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

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