Prayer for Jamaica against Chikungunya


King Jesus, Lord of Hosts, ruler of everything, God Almighty.

Father we pray to you in your diviness, your sovereignty.

We come to you in humility and lower ourselves before your throne.

God we ask for divine healing from all diseases including Chikungunya, protection and covering for our island Jamaica.

We come against the evil realm of the enemy, we bind the forces of illnesses, virus, death; We decree and declare victory over evil princes, principalities and generals of the devil and hell.

Loose the tongues of prayer in this island.

Loose the singers and warriors with praises.

Arm your people, your church.


We declare victory,

we declare a return to health;

we curse Chikungunya back to the pit of hell;

we declare prosperity,

we declare preparation,

we declare peace, goodness, love, kindness, understanding, meekness, faith, hope in and on every crevice of our Island Jamaica.


In the Master’s name, in Jesus name. Selah.


Let they will be done Lord.-Poetess Denise Fyffe

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