Distractions in the Christian Life (Facebook)


Facebook, twitter, blackberry, Wii, android, iPad, iPod, iPhone, YouTube; these are all distractions in the Christian Life.

Man, am I guilty as sin. I am a techie. To make it worse, I am a software technologist. This means I am particularly adept at learning and being attracted to new software and programs. So, yes, I am captivated by learning and mastering various social media entities. Facebook took only a few hours to know everything about. I post and check it every day; the same for twitter. But, I had a lot of restraint. I didn’t join them for many years; what got me into FB so much is that I was able to rekindle and form new communication links to hundreds of old acquaintances and friends.

Little did I know that because of this, I would fall prey to one of the biggest tools of unproductive behavior mankind has ever known. Businesses have blocked portals and certain social media sites because their workers spend more time on them, than doing actual work. So, if companies are having this problem, can you imagine what God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are facing?

Companies might have hundreds of workers but God has billions of followers and nearly a billion people use Facebook in this world. That means when we should be praying, praising, reading our bible, attending church and paying attention in church or even encouraging others and telling them about the gospel; we are on twitter or posting FB updates. Man, don’t I know I am guilty.

God has recently pulled me up big time on this behavior. I couldn’t even go to sleep without writing  this article. That is how bad he wanted me to share this deception by the devil, to you. It will be a difficult pill to swallow for many, but if you care about your soul and facing that question on judgment day; you will take heed. You know God is going to ask, how many hours you spent on Facebook and twitter. He might correct you and say, you spent 700 hours. But, how many hours did you spend winning souls for the kingdom? If you are like me, you are going to be in Big Hell Fire trouble. This is something that I am in no denial about. Facebook is a beast and many of us are clutched in its claws.

I had to come correct. If you check out my Facebook page, you will see so many scriptures, prayers and articles; its like I am making up for lost time and honestly, I am. If God convicts you of something, you have no more excuse. You have to deal with that distraction in your Christian life.

You will note that I use experiences and examples from my Christian life because I want you to know the truth. I want you to understand that God knows we are human and we will make mistakes. We are prone to the trappings of the devil and many of us will be ensnared. I truly believe that technology is a great thing. The problem is that it is also a great tool that is efficiently used by the enemy, Lucifer. However, it can also be a great tool for Christianity and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, the first thing that you need to do; is check in with God. Depending on your addiction and misuse of these technological entities, He might require a different thing from each of us. God might need you to go cold turkey and get offline for a bit. He might need you start ministering to people via your Facebook page.

The relationship with Jesus is personal; therefore, He will guide you on how best to deal with the distractions in your Christian life.

Copyright © 2012, Denise N. Fyffe


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