Transformation in the mind begets transformation in your Christian Life


There is a change taking place in my mind. It has been slow and impactful in other areas, but right now its making its presence known. I am changing.

After I did a near 3 week fasting from watching my shows – I don’t watch TV – I feel less inclined to watch the more ‘morally questionable’ ones. I am at least 3 shows behind for most of them and its like I scan over them, feeling somewhat repulsed. I can’t explain it.

Somehow, I expected my behaviour to change later rather than sooner. As much as possible, I have been feeding on daily sermons or bible study with Chip Ingram. I have been praying without ceasing. I have been listening to my favourite gospel, worship songs. Even when I wake at night, my subconscious seems to be having a worship session going on upstairs. I have been more concious of my behaviour. I am revolted by negative people and negative conversations. I apologise readily. I have abstained from fleshly indulgences – and that’s the biggest miracle in itself because I have no urges to do so. Its like I am a cigarette addict and I don’t want to smoke. God is good.

Its incredible the transformation taking place. Its not like I wasn’t serving God before. Now I feel like I am serving him with my whole mind, body and soul. Its not like I wasn’t a Christian before. But now I want to go to church, help the ministry; I am even considering whether God would put me in full time ministry, because I hate my day job.

God is changing me from inside out. I am reading my bible more, and have the desire to. My gifts are operating with a little more clarity. I am sharing readily what he tells me, for other people. He is taking back everything the devil has stolen from me, as per my request. He is opening doors. Miracles are happening. He is always my ‘goto’. He is always in my ear, my heart, my mind. God is everywhere around and in me; and I am aware of it. If this is what happens when you feast your mind on Him everyday, then I want more of Him.


Copyright © 2014 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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