Why Don’t Husbands Help Their Wives More?


I had never thought about the insight that her teenage sons verbalized to her this week. They said that for a man to help someone who has not asked for help is disrespectful. Hmmm… You may want to read that again. A man would take it as an insult if someone swooped in and took over and did something for him (kind of the way we moms tend to do!). BUT it is NOT disrespectful to help a man who asks for help. Nina’s sons said that men respect that other men know their limits and when another man asks for help, then it is respectful to help him. Wow.

That could explain a lot!

If I see another woman who is overwhelmed with work – I know that the loving thing to do is to roll up my sleeves and help her. That’s not an insult! That’s love! So maybe there is more to this love/respect dynamic that is causing miscommunication that we need to really examine.


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