It rains fish in desert places when God gets ready to bless you!


You may find yourself in a desert place, but that cannot stop God from reaching and blessing you. You may be laboring without fruit in your ministry, church or business, but that cannot stop God from turning things around and blessing you.  If God so determines that it is your season and it is your time, he knows how to rain down fish in the middle of the desert. When God gets ready to sent you a harvest, it doesn’t matter where you’re located.

  • If you are Elijah – He will sustain with two meals a day in the middle of a famine.
  • If you are Moses or Sarah – He will bless you with a child in your old age
  • If you are Israel – He will rain Manna in the desert place and cause water to come gushing out of a rock.
  • If you are a poor widow – He will cause oil to continue flowing until you have no more bottles to fill.
  • If you are a boy with just a lunch of fish and bread – He can take what you have, bless it and multiply it.
  • You may be in a desert place – He can cause waters to spring up in desert places…

It doesn’t matter where you are, when God get ready to bless you, he will move heaven and earth if he has to. So get ready for your harvest today – it’s about to rain in your desert places. He is about to blow a wind of blessing your way. He is about ready to open up the sky with showers of blessings upon you.


Walter Bright

I am about to tell you a true story that will blow your mind. The country is Australia. The town is Lajamanu and it is about 400 miles south of Darwin and Alice Springs, almost on the edge of  the Tanami Desert in Australia’s northern territory. It was sometime in April or March of 2010 that hundreds of fish began to fall from the sky as rain fell over the town. Residents of this desert community were left speechless as fish – some frozen, others still alive fell from the sky. For seven days they ran all around town collecting buckets of fish  that had fallen from the sky.

A brief look at history will tell us that this incident was not unique to this Australian town:

  • In the 1st century there were storms of frogs and fishes.
  • In 1794 French soldiers reported toads falling from the sky.
  • In 1857: Sugar crystals as big as quarter  of an…

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