Christian Prophecy: Church vs. Spirit of Sexual Perversion

jezebel image courtesy of bluecanvas-com

The War for Our Souls Steps Up!

God has given me a word of prophecy about the prince spirit of perversion that is let loose on the earth in this time.


A storm always comes with a sign.

The temperature changes, the sun closes its curtain, the day starts to look bleak. The skyscape entertains dark, angry clouds, which roll across the heavens. Then, rain drops. Big heavy droplets that rush across our roof tops and pound like wild boar on our doors.

In the same way, the spirit of perversion is bellowing; declaring its presence in our society. In the same way, a bully challenges every kid in the school yard; the same way, the gay movement is making itself known.

spirit of perversion image courtesy of bluecanvasAll across America this disfigured and immoral thing has left its footprints.

This fiend of hell has spent many years strategically occupying government offices, positions in high places churning out intellectual representatives for its mandate.

Meanwhile, the church has grown weaker, more culpable, blind to the homosexual usurpers that strut from the pulpit to the choir loft; this disorderly, disfigured thing has come to occupy our land and steal our territories.

God says that the effect of this thing, shall roll across our lands like a tsunami.

There shall be more legislation in favor of them. The Euro States are already sold out and sealed unto this beast but the Children of the West shall fight a valiant battle. They shall rebel against this giant and they shall brandish their swords.

This lion prowls in the high offices. It’s head is stroked by its slaves. It rests in their laps and licks the hands as it is fed.

The perverse smell is a stench far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s ability to be a chameleon enhances its potency.

The agenda is to indoctrinate the young to yield a more malleable generation.

The families of God will have to stop the watching of television programming. More stations will come on board to cater to the Children of God. They will also have to turn away from the music and advertisements that are immorally crafted for viewers.

Many will fall in this time. People shall be surprised, hurt, betrayed. Churches shall disintegrate as dust. There shall be a falling away as the hands of the pastors shall be shown to be filthy.

But I God will never leave nor forsake my people. Many shall turn to me for counsel, for care, for love, for restoration. Many shall escape the claws of the enemy.

My servants all fight valiantly and declare the word of the Lord in the land.

There is a curse upon the men and women who not only serve this foul creature, but also those who lie with the beast. A plague shall come upon them that will melt away not only their flesh but their spirit. They shall be disfigured and a public spectacle.


Please keep in fervent prayer. Cover your families, your children. Speak declarations over your sons and daughters. This spirit hides itself and takes a subtle approach. It infects the host in its mind. Bless you.

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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