Declarations over my Life #19

Declarations over my Life by Author Denise Fyffe

David wrote the book of Psalms. Only one who has spent immense time in the presence of God could produce such beautiful, eloquent and praise worthy messages and adorations for God. Needless to say, David was special to God. Not just because he was King, but because he sought a genuine relationship with Abba Father.

For his devotion, God enacted a covenant with David, just as he did Abraham. Today it is referred to as the ‘Davidic covenant’. This covenant was a proclamation by God, for the house or children of David, of whom, Christ, the Messiah would come. There was only one stipulation, that they continually be obedient to God.

The declaration was also different in that, it was God who made a promise to David. One must understand that Yahweh, is the King of Kings, all His promises are declarations and decrees. They cannot be eroded by anyone or time. They are everlasting.

In Jesus name amen.

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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