Rahabs’s Cry


If you listen carefully you will hear Rahab crying. She cries to the forsaken, the downtrodden, the rejected, the scorned, the lost. Her voice echoes louldly:
I am among the first of the children who were far removed from the Redeemers love. I thought I was not work saving. No good. Lost. Unwanted. But He heard me. He drew me. He pulled me to Him. He washed me with His blood.
I am no longer my past. No longer a stranger to His love. I believed on Him and was redeemed. I dared to let the blood wash my household. Destruction was all around me but I and my household were saved.
Yesterday I used a ribbon to signify the power of the blood to save. You only need to acknowledge God’s work on the cross.
“Will you? Will you? Rahab cries.

Latter-Day Prophesy

She prostituted herself with many men but was not satisfied. “I have many lovers but I am not satisfied. There must be more to life than merely getting by”. To keep hope in her heart she positioned herself on the wall.

“Surely the great wall of Jericho will offer safety and comfort” she thought.

Day after day she looked out. She had placed herself in a tower that was hard for others to reach but the isolation did not shield her from the sense of hopelessness she felt. The cycle of life was waying her down. She wanted..No she needed a change! She needed it now! Day after day she went in and out among her brethren but they offered no alternative. Worship was empty. The idols of wealth and the allure of money did not fill the longing that was inside. Her beauty drew men to her. There company…

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