God Answered the Phone


I was overjoyed to see how God intervened to clutch someone from the brink of despair. Before everything started on with the first call, He laid the foundations. On Sunday I was told to fast for 7 days. No food was to be eaten. Only water could be had during the day. I did not know the purpose of the fast but did as I was told. Thursday was day five of the fast. On this day God extended His grace to a dying soul. He used all the events to provide deliverance from the abyss of hopeless for one person. The individual felt alone and was crying out to God for help. I am in the North. The individual is in the South but God bridged the gap. He picked up the phone. My first caller for the day and the second caller shared a few commonalities: they were in the same state and both were desperately reaching for God. They dialed heaven’s hotline. God quickly picked up! In both instance He answered before they spoke.

Latter-Day Prophesy

At mid day yesterday, while doing chores the Lord begun talking to me about the conversation He had with Cain; Abel’s brother.

Instantly, as He spoke I knew it was a sermon. I also knew that it was to be delivered as if I was preaching to a congregation. I completed my choirs and walked into my living room and begun the sermon delivery.

While I delivered the sermon, I realised I had my in my hand. So I paused to get rid of it. It was placed on a sofa. The sound was muted to avoid my being disturbed. While doing this I realised it needed charging. So I plugged it into an adapter and went back to what I was doing.

I then decided to record the sermon. I walked to my desk, opened my laptop and begun an audio recording of the message. For approximately 40 minutes I…

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