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Depression is more common than many of us are aware; though, it is hidden away, like some deep dark secret. It is a natural response to trauma. For some, the emotions overwhelm them and they commit suicide. Depression does not discriminate, stereotype or exercises any prejudice; neither is it unique to any one situation.

Let’s Talk Depression


Jamaican Stories about Depression

The stories of people who have committed suicide vary: from broken relationships, abuse, betrayal or death of a loved one. Because of this, there are millions of people worldwide who are suffering alone and in silence.

Sudden Death

Sudden Death - the stories bookcover fullSudden Death shares some of these stories. 

Sudden Death is a Christian literary work filled with stories revealing people’s struggles with depression, unforgiveness, anger, jealousy, rejection, heartache, abuse, rape, incest and death.

Sudden Death: Loosening Foundations will include an in-depth spiritual analysis, by Michael Reginald (Latter Day Prophesy), that reveals the spirits in operation that lead to the demise of their victims.

The bible says, ‘Be not over much wicked, neither be you foolish; why should you die before your time.’

When someone commits suicide, we are often left with the question, Why. This book attempts to give that answer. It is often a choice that many people feel that they had no choice in making. Many of those who opt out of life are victims or trauma survivors who suffered from depression.

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The Charmaine Show Podcasts: Jamaican Author Denise Fyffe Talks Depression and Suicide


Denise says, “I wrote this book, after suffering from depression. I wanted to tell some of the stories, which many of us overlook, including my own. I wanted to paint a clear picture of the realities that many face in this world. Thankfully, writing aids the healing process. It provides an escape. When I look back sometimes, I see the depth of my despair and hurt. Suicide often occurs because someone feels trapped in a world of constant despair. Suicidal tendencies are often triggered by stress, trauma, bullying, unemployment, relationship issues, gambling problems, chemical imbalance, grief and other factors. Many of the persons who take their lives are considered suffers of a mental disorder; including, but not limited to schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, alcoholism or drug abuse”.

Follow the link to listen: The Charmaine Show: Jamaican Author Denise Fyffe Talks Depression and Suicide 01/06 by The Charmaine Show | Self Help Podcasts