Prophets Arising: America vs Africa


God always has his servants hidden under his wings. This word was given to me Mar 10, 2016.


The surge of the new prophets that will arise in this time will be different. That surge has started and Africa is ahead of the pack. Their ministers do not muddy the water. When they seek God, they touch the fire of heaven and as such they are purified to gold.

In America most are concerned with celebrity. Most are concerned with money, power, houses and status. This folly will be punished. Most will be revealed or returned to the potters purification process or destroyed.


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Prophecy: We didnt fight hard enough


Most times, I try to stay away from what is going on the world; the serious things that make you run under the shadow of the Almighty. Why? Because, as in all things, God starts talking to me about them and it makes my heart sad.

The world is in a deplorable state. The last two generations are heavily responsible for the state of affairs right now. We failed miserably.

We didn’t fight hard enough.
We didn’t love hard enough.
We didnt exercise our faith in Him often enough.
We didnt allow God and His principles to stand, as such.

The devil has set his claws in and we shall see such moral decline, as has never before been seen in the time of man.The devil will seek to kill mankind from the womb at an every increasing rate; example…aka zikv excuse…Microcephaly.

Parents weep for your grandchildren…many shall never see the light of day. many shall not see the gates of Heaven.

I appeal to the sons and daughters of God. Awake. Pray. Fast. Pray. Weep. Pray.

Prophecy: The Threat to American Politics

hillary clinton and donald trump

The situation between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is toxic. This presidential race has run beyond the lines of morals and scruples. It is bad all around. Never have I experienced such a rapid destruction in the standing of any country’s political reputation.

As I glimpsed a few clips of the second presidential debate, between these opponents, God started talking to me.

God says…

The political atmosphere in America is beyond tense…it is nuclear. It is building up for the assassin to take his position on the stage. We need to pray for America because people are beyond angry. This will push some person to justify and make a presidential assassination attempt.

God help America.

Preachers of Jamaica, Who do you Mimic Jesus or Famous Preachers?

jezebel puppets

God has revealed the hidden and evil beguiling practice of many ministers, in and around Jamaica, who mimic popular Preachers. This is His message to them, received May 4, 2016.


He says, “STOP IT!”

It is a spirit and a curse of Jezebel that is loose in the churches of our island, the churches of America and many Charismatic churches in the world. All the hawking, hollering and shouting to pump a fleshly reaction from your congregation is wrong.

You sit down and watch YouTube videos.

You listen to sermons.

You study to show yourself approved by the likes of Noel Jones!


You are a pawn in an eternal game for your soul and you are blind to the wiles of Jezebel. The anointing will still flow, but your soul will carry a retched stench throughout eternity. You seek the approval and purse strings of men, while they walk off the immoral cliff of life into the lake of fire.

You are a defiler of my people, you are of the same spirit of Simon the Sorcerer, when Phillip went into Samaria, he wished to mimic his power.

“May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! 21 You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God.22 Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23 For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”

You have erred and turned your back on the Holy Spirit, who is the Advocate for mankind. Through Him is all truth and communication given to man. But no, you wish to study the fleshly and temporal things and hawk and hack your way to riches and vain glory.

Whoa be unto the sons of Jezebel who seek to follow this path to hell.

Whoa be unto the defilers who lead my children astray.

Whoa to those who do not serve me in spirit and in truth.

Watch thy self. For on that day of glory, I shall say, “I know you not.”


Acts 8:4-40 (NIV)

Philip in Samaria

Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Messiah there. When the crowds heard Philip and saw the signs he performed, they all paid close attention to what he said. For with shrieks, impure spirits came out of many, and many who were paralyzed or lame were healed. So there was great joy in that city.

Simon the Sorcerer

Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great, 10 and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.” 11 They followed him because he had amazed them for a long time with his sorcery. 12 But when they believed Philip as he proclaimed the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. 13 Simon himself believed and was baptized. And he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw.

14 When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent Peter and John to Samaria. 15 When they arrived, they prayed for the new believers there that they might receive the Holy Spirit, 16 because the Holy Spirit had not yet come on any of them; they had simply been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. 17 Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.

18 When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money 19 and said, “Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.”

20 Peter answered: “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! 21 You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God.22 Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23 For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”

24 Then Simon answered, “Pray to the Lord for me so that nothing you have said may happen to me.”

25 After they had further proclaimed the word of the Lord and testified about Jesus, Peter and John returned to Jerusalem, preaching the gospel in many Samaritan villages.



Repent, turn to Jesus Christ. The heart of God can only be revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. You should not be studying another person, to know how to sway people or what to say. Trust the Holy Spirit to reveal the heart of god to you.

Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Prophecy, The Church vs. The Spirit of Sexual Perversion

jezebel image courtesy of bluecanvas-com

The War for Our Souls Steps Up!

God has given me a word of prophecy about the prince spirit of perversion that is let loose on the earth in this time.


A storm always comes with a sign.

The temperature changes, the sun closes its curtain, the day starts to look bleak. The skyscape entertains dark, angry clouds, which roll across the heavens. Then, rain drops. Big heavy droplets that rush across our roof tops and pound like wild boar on our doors.

In the same way, the spirit of perversion is bellowing; declaring its presence in our society. In the same way, a bully challenges every kid in the school yard; the same way, the gay movement is making itself known.

spirit of perversion image courtesy of bluecanvasAll across America this disfigured and immoral thing has left its footprints.

This fiend of hell has spent many years strategically occupying government offices, positions in high places churning out intellectual representatives for its mandate.

Meanwhile, the church has grown weaker, more culpable, blind to the homosexual usurpers that strut from the pulpit to the choir loft; this disorderly, disfigured thing has come to occupy our land and steal our territories.

God says that the effect of this thing, shall roll across our lands like a tsunami.

There shall be more legislation in favor of them. The Euro States are already sold out and sealed unto this beast but the Children of the West shall fight a valiant battle. They shall rebel against this giant and they shall brandish their swords.

This lion prowls in the high offices. It’s head is stroked by its slaves. It rests in their laps and licks the hands as it is fed.

The perverse smell is a stench far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s ability to be a chameleon enhances its potency.

The agenda is to indoctrinate the young to yield a more malleable generation.

The families of God will have to stop the watching of television programming. More stations will come on board to cater to the Children of God. They will also have to turn away from the music and advertisements that are immorally crafted for viewers.

Many will fall in this time. People shall be surprised, hurt, betrayed. Churches shall disintegrate as dust. There shall be a falling away as the hands of the pastors shall be shown to be filthy.

But I God will never leave nor forsake my people. Many shall turn to me for counsel, for care, for love, for restoration. Many shall escape the claws of the enemy.

My servants all fight valiantly and declare the word of the Lord in the land.

There is a curse upon the men and women who not only serve this foul creature, but also those who lie with the beast. A plague shall come upon them that will melt away not only their flesh but their spirit. They shall be disfigured and a public spectacle.


Please keep in fervent prayer. Cover your families, your children. Speak declarations over your sons and daughters. This spirit hides itself and takes a subtle approach. It infects the host in its mind. Bless you.

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Details to the Prophecy about Donald Trump


Having released the previous prophecy about Donald Trump, (Prophecy, Donald Trump the rider in Babylon), I thought I was finished. Turns out, God was not finished.

He started to give me tidbits of information surrounding this candidate’s rise.


For many years Donald Trump has indicated that he will one day run for President of the United States. Several times, he delayed his entry and for a good reason.

God says, the timing had to be perfect for Trump’s entry. America had to be on the edge of a cliff and Babylon had to be ready to lift her frocktail and show her wares.

A Sad State of American Affairs

The time is now.


Several things happened to push this great eagle to this point, in time. There had to be an increased appetite for war. Even though America has been fighting Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and ISIS for years; they are still eager to get into the scuffles happening in the Middle East and Africa.

But now, war is within their shores. The enemy, the black flag, is lurking even in the open, ready to pounce; but, seeking strategic placement.


The thirst for blood is spilling out on its own streets. The hidden abuse, which occurred more blatant in the 60’s are pouring out with a vengeance. Racism is rampant on the streets and people are now realizing that it was just hibernating. The movie, Game of Thrones indicated it best, ‘Winter is Coming’.

It all ties in.


Immorality and perversion have been poured out through subtle and bold media campaigns to degrade the moral compass of the United States. Movies, music, ad campaigns even cartoons were used to tear into the moral fabric of America.

The manifesto used against the people of this culture, was long ago written and is now, obviously reaping in, the conquests of its efforts.

Trump also had to wait until the spirit of perversion had taken root in the White House before coming on the scene. Once the laws of the nation endorsed such gross sins, as homosexuality, it was game on.


The edge, which Yahweh had placed around America has been lifted. America has, on countless occasions in the last five years, attacked the Christians within its walls.

The church is not a place of sanctity and holiness anymore. It is a cover for idolaters, petty thieves and hypocrites. There are wolves who have been set loose to derail the people of God and ensnare them into a false doctrine.

What is taking place in the Middle East, with the persecution of Christians, is a shadow of the hidden desires of the heart of the masses. Donald Trump is conveying a message shared by many. He said, “If I take someone out into the streets of New York and shoot them, nothing would happen.”

The Cow Boy spirit is speaking through him and that spirit is named murder.

There are many skeletons in Donald Trump’s closet.

Many lives lost.

Many income lost.

Many families hurt.

Many many sins.

The Assignment of the Rider

demonic beast

The purpose for Donald Trump is clear. He is just another rider sent out into Babylon to cause mass chaos and distraction. He is a strategic instrument used to distract Americans from the enemy taking root in their own homes.

He is there to turn a mirror on that nation and turn the hearts of world leaders against them. England’s government even had a debate on whether to ever let Donald Trump back into their country, or to do business with him.

The Pope got a smack down from Trump, for daring to comment about him. Nothing is sacred to this rider. He is a court jester and a skillful assassin.

He is sent to unravel all the goodwill that America has gained under the leadership of the Black son.

Trump is picking at the edge of the fabric of that nation and he has gotten a hold of the one thread that compasses the circumference of that country. He will undo a decades worth of goodwill in just one year.

The Consequences

Ultimately, his platform will be kicked out from under him, because the slave cannot outshine the master. Jezebel, will not allow one of her sons to outshine her. She will send another to take his place. A lesson for his pride and arrogance.

The many decades worth of respect and billions in wealth that he has amassed will soon flow from him. They will have no value for him because he would have sunk so low that those memories will be replaced.

His name will ultimately be both a joke and a curse.


I urge everyone to pray, to fast, to seek the face and will of God. We are living in a time of intense spiritual warfare. Jehovah is faithful to deliver his people. But he is also faithful to keep them in the midst of the storms.


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Prophecy, Donald Trump the rider in Babylon

prophecy donald trump the rider in babylon

I was given this prophecy by Jehovah Nissi, today, February 29, 2016. I saw a video compiling the hateful speech of Donald Trump at his rallies and the acts committed there.

I was disgusted by the presence of hate in their midst. When I got up to retrieve some oranges, God started to speak about him to me, fast and furious. I could hardly keep up.

I humbly share these words and ask that the children of God pray in earnest for the United States of America. If our prayers do not go up and are collected to stem the tide of judgement coming up on America; this country will be at risk of inheriting the son of the father of lies.


donald-trump-teases-720America is a beast awakened and Trump is its rider.

This beast is named Death.police brutality in america

This beast is named Hatred.

This beast basks in the sewers of Racism.

It has simmered like lava under the surface. Its putrid smells have risen into the air while the Black son took the throne.

But woe to Babylon the hypocrite. The defiler of God’s people. For she walks about the streets and desecrates My altar.

This beast can never be tamed as it is in the throes of warfare. It colludes with perversion. It colludes with death. It dines on the flesh of minors and enjoys the blood washing down the streets of that country. Woe be unto the children of Africa living therein, at this time. Woe be unto the innocent for they shall be defiled.

The panther will seek to rise. The panther will seek to gather, but he shall lose his foothold.

Woe to the innocent for their blood shall be spilled. Woe to the mothers for their sons shall be killed. Woe to the fathers, for they shall be degraded in front of their children.demonic beast

Times and Times. Seasons and Seasons.

The sons and daughters of God weep in agony for their fallen friends, but this desolate wasteland, grows more barren. Grows more desolate.

In time, the rider will be thrown into the pit of judgement for he is dark. He is a signal of hatred and hidden klans. He is a thing defiled and of the defiled. He was fashioned in the bowels of America and she has spewed him out showing her true nature.

Woe be unto Babylon as she lashes out as she falls.

Hark unto me, oh daughters of Zion. For I your King have heard your voices. But your children shall be martyrs on the streets. Seek me in the shadows and turn to me in your closets. Sing my praises and expect my vengeance for it shall be swift.

Mighty is the sword.

Mighty is the word.

Mighty is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who shall wreak vengeance on the face of the earth.

Oh daughters sing my praises and turn away from thy wicked ways.

Sing my praises.


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Prophecy, Isis the migrating locusts

desertlocusts image courtesy of phys-org

As much as possible, I try to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance and inquire what He wishes to communicate, first thing in the morning. The Lord usually communicates to me via my spirit and mostly through images. On January 19, 2016 he gave me a picture or pictures of the Islamic State or Isis movement in this world.


I see the locusts swarming the plains of the East. They build in numbers and devastate the land. They have multiplied and expand beyond even the strongest barriers needling in like iron gnats on steroids.

I see the swarm of the East, multiplying and infesting their hosts, preaching a radical message of hate.

They ride the backs of the spirits of war, death, hate, perversion.

I see them worming their way to the South.

I see them worming their way to the West.

They build underground like groundhogs and surface only to attack their enemies.

They migrate in cells, playing the lone wolf until they congregate in a great pride of lions. Seeking whom they might devour.

They acclimatize in the lands of the South, until they can surface in the Northern states.

The swarm seeks vengeance, seeks change.

The swarm hoists a black flag of hatred and keeps secret meetings in high places.

They recruit the best and brightest. They launch them like hand grenades.

But there is coming a time, in this year and the next and the next and the next when their intensity shall grow to nuclear levels.

Whoa to the jihadists. Their time is coming when they shall be blotted out. But not now.

Even the jewels of the sea shall quake in fear of them.

I see the locust swarms as they spread to foreign lands.

They devastate the food supply.

They pollute the water sources.

They disperse the diseases.

They scatter families into the wind and drink of the blood of the wicked and of the innocent.

Whoa to the baby on the breast and the pregnant mother.
Whoa to the sick and ailing.
Whoa to the proud.

Like the plague of locusts in the old testament, in the days of Israel’s enslavement in Egypt. This world will be given over to them for a time.



Please pray in this time. This migration is not secluded to only certain parts in the world. The demonic strongmen of war, death, perversion are prevalent and crossing all borders of the world. Please pray for the Christian martyrs and children of Abraham in the Middle East.

God Bless you all.


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