Trials on the Job and How They Affect Your Christian Life

By: Denise N. Fyffe Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe We have all suffered on the job in one way or another. Whether it is coworkers, bosses or simply from unfair workplace practices and discriminations; we have suffered. I have been no different and have had more than my share of these miserable and trying circumstances. … Continue reading Trials on the Job and How They Affect Your Christian Life

Christian Meditation: Christian Living

Christian living is a myth in these times, and yet it is a harsh reality for those who fully embrace the beliefs; saturated by the spirit of it all. - Poetess Denise Fyffe I am always reflective about the Christian religion and my spirituality. I embrace the relationship, more so than the meaningless practices shackled to us … Continue reading Christian Meditation: Christian Living

Day 364 2014 – Recovery

Recovery, such an unfamiliar word, yet I have been doing it all my life. Now and forever, it seems I am required to do just that. Life can be cruel but we all face our trials and demon agitators from time to time. And when the battle leaves survivors, though stronger for it; they must … Continue reading Day 364 2014 – Recovery

Christian Meditation: How do you bear trials?

Remember God leaves you in difficulties, and trials at times to test HOW you bear it, not CAN you bear it. So be gracious, patient, praying and enduring. Prove to him you are worthy to Prove Him as your God.-PDF