2017 Testimony: Trying Times


Trying Times

Its been a soul crushing, pride taming, wet eyes, heavy heart couple a months. There has been some trying times.

And so were the days before that and the weeks before that. These lasts couple months in the highlands have been stretching me beyond; beyond the limits that I thought I could go.

My world is in flux, my heart uncertain and in turmoil. I feel like a leaf in a tornado, and yet, I STAND.

I know God has got me. I know this is Abba’s doing. Only He could tell the flood waters to wash over me until the temporary things are eroded. Only Jehovah could allow thieves, enemies and cheaters to circle about. But yet I STAND.

Like the Gwango tree.

For greater is He that abides in me, than them, which seek to do me harm. He has me on the wings of an eagle. Lifting me higher. The elevation is uncomfortable. The air thinner; but my lungs are fueled by Faith. I hold on to his unchanging Word and trust in His promises.

People pass away. Jobs stripped away. Places…they too slip to the horizon. Soon to be out of sight.

Purge in me and without.

Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid? Your all does the spirit control, He asks? He been asking and I have been giving. Who am I to withhold from the Mighty God? To Him are all things due.

This summer 2017 has been a scorcher. I grow weary, but I seem to have been made for the stretching, the shaking, the pressing and the breaking. For there is better in and for me.

…in the Potters Hands.


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Handling Hurt In Your Christian Life

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

The Good Shepherd 133

The Good Shepherd 133 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, 3 he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 6 Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever…..


My walk with God now is different from 20 years ago. Today, I must consider myself battle weary because, I have fought the good fight and I am still on duty. Sometimes the idea of warring against hell and its minions is overwhelming; but when I remember ‘the battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s‘ from Yolanda Adams, I am encouraged.

I took detours because those who were put to guide and help me along the way, turned their backs and became distracted themselves.

For years, I never went to the ‘dinning hall’ – The Church – to feast. I was discouraged, angry, bitter, depressed, impatient and honestly, unforgiving. But, God never left me, nor did He forsake me.

God was patient.

God was enduring.

God was a Father, friend, counselor, protector and still Sovereign Lord. The Lord God Almighty never deserts those who are backslidden, unless you shun Him, reject Him, blaspheme Him. Unless you totally give up your Christian Life.

Over the years, He worked on my heart. He worked on my anger. He worked on breaking my spirit, so that my only choice was to turn to Him and embrace Him. He taught me that people – Christians – are human beings first. They are flesh and have weaknesses; just like ordinary unsaved people. Therefore, they too will make mistakes, hurt people, be a disappointment and fall by the way side. But, so long as we do as Donnie McClurkin says, ‘..and get back up again…because we fall down, but we get up’ in our Christian Life.

Now, while I am still battling for my life, my mind, my spirit, my very soul; I am stronger, surer and trying my best to stay on the straight and narrow. Now, I am quick to forgive, quick to understand, quick to open my mouth to God and I am quick to identify my own weaknesses in my Christian Life. I am more mature, wiser and have more humility.

Remember, without God, as Christians we cannot survive. The devil seeks to devour us, prowling and looking for whom he may kill. So, church is important for fellowship and sustenance and I have learnt that God will move you to the best place or feast hall for you, in that time. So, if you lose heart in one church, ask of God how he can help you with handling changes in your Christian Life. The Bible says, ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God’, so seek God and His wisdom first, and he will guide you.

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God Answered the Phone


I was overjoyed to see how God intervened to clutch someone from the brink of despair. Before everything started on with the first call, He laid the foundations. On Sunday I was told to fast for 7 days. No food was to be eaten. Only water could be had during the day. I did not know the purpose of the fast but did as I was told. Thursday was day five of the fast. On this day God extended His grace to a dying soul. He used all the events to provide deliverance from the abyss of hopeless for one person. The individual felt alone and was crying out to God for help. I am in the North. The individual is in the South but God bridged the gap. He picked up the phone. My first caller for the day and the second caller shared a few commonalities: they were in the same state and both were desperately reaching for God. They dialed heaven’s hotline. God quickly picked up! In both instance He answered before they spoke.

Latter-Day Prophesy

At mid day yesterday, while doing chores the Lord begun talking to me about the conversation He had with Cain; Abel’s brother.

Instantly, as He spoke I knew it was a sermon. I also knew that it was to be delivered as if I was preaching to a congregation. I completed my choirs and walked into my living room and begun the sermon delivery.

While I delivered the sermon, I realised I had my in my hand. So I paused to get rid of it. It was placed on a sofa. The sound was muted to avoid my being disturbed. While doing this I realised it needed charging. So I plugged it into an adapter and went back to what I was doing.

I then decided to record the sermon. I walked to my desk, opened my laptop and begun an audio recording of the message. For approximately 40 minutes I…

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Rahabs’s Cry


If you listen carefully you will hear Rahab crying. She cries to the forsaken, the downtrodden, the rejected, the scorned, the lost. Her voice echoes louldly:
I am among the first of the children who were far removed from the Redeemers love. I thought I was not work saving. No good. Lost. Unwanted. But He heard me. He drew me. He pulled me to Him. He washed me with His blood.
I am no longer my past. No longer a stranger to His love. I believed on Him and was redeemed. I dared to let the blood wash my household. Destruction was all around me but I and my household were saved.
Yesterday I used a ribbon to signify the power of the blood to save. You only need to acknowledge God’s work on the cross.
“Will you? Will you? Rahab cries.

Latter-Day Prophesy

She prostituted herself with many men but was not satisfied. “I have many lovers but I am not satisfied. There must be more to life than merely getting by”. To keep hope in her heart she positioned herself on the wall.

“Surely the great wall of Jericho will offer safety and comfort” she thought.

Day after day she looked out. She had placed herself in a tower that was hard for others to reach but the isolation did not shield her from the sense of hopelessness she felt. The cycle of life was waying her down. She wanted..No she needed a change! She needed it now! Day after day she went in and out among her brethren but they offered no alternative. Worship was empty. The idols of wealth and the allure of money did not fill the longing that was inside. Her beauty drew men to her. There company…

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2015 Testimony #6 – American Sniper, The story of my life for 2014 (Part 2)


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.-Matthew 6:33

This was my main spiritual focus for 2014. My guiding principle.

Seeking the kingdom first, got me a royal experience of warfare for 2014.


From December 2013, I was actively being affected by the symptoms of my fibroids. Pain, discomfort, circulation issues, etc. By August 2014, it was decided I needed immediate surgery. I was broke so I had to postpone it until December 2014.

I started school in September 2014 and that caused me to take on further debt. We had assignments every week and they were mostly group assignments. Di stress did tun up!! Here enters the unwanted stress of group dynamics and sour personalities. Sigh. For three months, I tried to maintain a level head and pushed aside the urge to cast some of my group mates to the pit of hell.

At work, my boss upped her antics and this volcano erupted. I could not take anymore. By the time I was done, she had malice me, we were in it with HR and my psychotic tendencies were simmering. Stress was my constant companion for two months and I got no work assignments in that time. It ended, by November 2014, with me being transferred to a new department, a new boss and new coworkers.


During this time into December 2014, someone again damaged my car mirror and it was five levels of hell to get it fixed. It almost put me in jeopardy with my insurance and I was two shades close to hiring assassins to take out everyone who had a part in driving me to the twelfth dimension of hell in 2014.

I outlived, outprayed and survived all these ‘Hunger Games‘ trials in 2014.

Next was the surgery for which I needed half a million dollars. Some friends and some family members donated. I ended up with half the funds. By December 18, 2014 I was on an operation table, praying for death and just wanting to be hastened to heaven rather than surviving to fight the never ending battles which was my life’s duty it seemed.

My dual surgery had complications and only one procedure could be done. The doctors found surprises and I lost half my blood because they had to do the procedure inside vs. taking the organ outside. When, I woke I knew something was up. I was filled with more holes than a sponge, which means they went treasure hunting for veins. An almost impossible task in a cold operating room.

Later the updates came in, the anesthesiologist chastised me for my last words before going under. That’s the ‘power of words’; specifically my words. Remember, I didn’t necessarily want to survive the surgery. I made sure my meager estate was in order and my wishes were known, just in case. Nonetheless, I was being monitored around the clock by nurses every few minutes. After the first day where I slept and built back my blood supplies, I grew stronger and bounced back quickly. A marvel for the poor nurses who didn’t know that this surgery was a walk in the park for me.

By day three, I was ready to go home and refusing to stay one more miserable, restless, sleep deprived night. The administration had more surprises for me. Because of the complications, my hospital bill more than doubled. My heart fell, my mind sunk and I was tempted to tell God that I was over being a King’s Kid, without a King’s bank account. I wanted to throw a tantrum but I was so shell shocked, if you cut me, you wouldn’t draw blood. I decided to give him the debt and focus on recovery.

I had fought the battles. I had swum the seas. I had run the race and I was dead tired. I decided to chuck everything over to the master and seek Him first. I am sure he heard all the complaints and cursings that I had for Him, but it doesn’t seem like He disowned me because of them. If anything, he gave me peace in the midst of the sand storm.

The year 2014 ended with me in bed recovering and ignoring the fact that I was $500,000 in debt. The year 2015 started with me still in debt and my wound causing me more worries.

But here I stand.

I can do nothing else but stand, because it is all beyond my capabilities. What seems like an impossible situation has forced me to rely totally on God’s help. The rescue is all him.

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2015 Testimony #5 – American Sniper, The story of my life for 2014 (Part 1)


sand storm

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.-Matthew 6:33

This was my main spiritual focus for 2014. My guiding principle.

Seeking the kingdom first, got me a royal experience of warfare for 2014.

2014 was a rough year. It was brutal. As it relates to trials, I would say it was epic. Imagine you are fighting in a war, just like that scene in American Sniper, where about six soldiers were stashed in a building. They were in deep enemy territory, but they needed to take out the best sniper on the enemies’ side. It was sniper against sniper. It was American Sniper Chris Kyle, The Legend, against an Olympic sniper, The Butcher. After taking out The Butcher, they compromised their position and enemy combatants surrounded them on all sides and on every level.

What seemed like a hopeless situation turned into a demonstration of how God can turn a really bad situation for our good. Classical symbolism.

These soldiers called for help. There was a sand storm moving in. The rescue troops were twenty minutes out. The air support was one minute out but missed the target because of the sandstorm made it impossible to get in range and it was biblically intimidating. The firefight got intense but the storm made it impossible for either side to see each other at all, so they were shooting blindly. The rescue team got there just in the nick of time, for the soldiers to run out of the building and into the back of the truck.

As if he wasn’t fighting for his life, the American sniper had to fight for survival too. He was the last to get out and the truck was leaving him. He seemed to get shot, but his weapon took the hit and he chased that truck for dear life, when they pulled him in by his fingertips.

This sums up my life in 2014.

In reality, someone was purposely scratching my new 2009 Mazda car and using it as a chalkboard when it was parked at night. It was impossible to find out who. For several days, I would come out in the morning and my car would be scratched or windshield covered in gum. I was a slow building volcano, utterly frustrated.

damages to my car Also I had a minor car accident, the person who hit me did not take responsibility and my insurance company didn’t want to go to court so they said I was at fault. The guys I hired did shoddy work and messed up the paintwork and rendering of the bummer. They stole about $25,000, in material for the job and my 2009 Mazda, looked a mess. The spray man decided he would sport with my car and be spotted at the bars with my car at night. My car also became a whorehouse, where sexual acts took place. Mind you this was all by April 2014.

I decided to turn to family. Lord give me strength, yet another example to me of why family members were just like everybody else. My cousin fixed only half the car and the side which was done, leaked the colour. So at the end of the day, my own family robbed me of $15000. I was left with 3 different shades of blue on the car and really poor paint job. This sowed and sprouted an oak tree of unforgiveness which I had to deal with in 2015.


Anyway, I was praying to God, still, for help and that I wouldn’t commit murder. Few months after this my cousin bought equipment for over $100,000 and it was destroyed in an act of arson. I honestly took pleasure in the fact that God had my back and those who deceived me would reap His vengeance and not mine.

Within this same time, I decided to tear down walls and widen my gate for my car to manoeuvre inside the yard. The workmen were lazy, smoked ganja, always needed more material, lied and wanted more money than quoted. By summer, I was again, disenchanted with mankind.

I wanted to break faces. I wanted to seek, destroy, decimate and rid the earth of such scum. I wanted to take names and reek plagues. I wanted vengeance; but, I chained the beast and appealed to God.


This was a year, when I felt constantly surrounded. I felt like I had no hope. I felt like I had no saviour. I felt like after going out on one tour of duty, I was immediately sent out again to fight with the enemy. It felt like too much. I was being pushed well past my limits and I truly feared for my immortal soul. I wondered why the severity of the trials and I was concerned about my own psychological welfare.

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The Life Of A 21st Century Prophet: Making It Up To My Husband, Jesus

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

I am at all times accountable to God. He is my friend,  my love, my Savior, my father and my husband.

Making It Up To My Husband

As His bride, If I find myself busy and my time is largely dominated by other things; I must make it up to Him. There is nothing more important in a Christian’s life than Jesus Christ. The evidence of this committed relationship is lots of time spent talking with Him.

So after spending my day consumed in Olympic events and writing articles, my last act of the day must be to call on my husband and include Him in my day.

I invite you to do the same.

Thou shalt have no other God but Jehovah.

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet: You can do ALL things through Christ

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

You yes you…

I want to encourage you….

You can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens you.

I will use my life as an example. My life overflows with many blessings from God. One of the perks of being saved as a young child. I have many skills, talents, gifts, capabilities etc. I have never been one to settle for just doing one thing in life.

That is BORING!

I am a freelance writer, editor, poet (paid), published 30 odd books, trained teacher, counselor & programmer. In a good year, I can account for at least 100,000 ppl reading my work.

I have had the opportunity to act on stage, perform in front of people, sing etc. I have built websites, designed graphics, implemented software, worked in many positions. Most importantly, I have the privilege of being a CHILD and SERVANT of GOD…and I still hope to add more. I am in my 3rd decade of life. I can switch it up many more times.

Listen Be Encouraged

Don’t let people dictate your life and say what you can or cannot do. You can do anything and everything WITH GOD’s help. At the end of the journey, you should have no regrets. You should be able to say, I have lived.

Most importantly…If you raided the gift store before God brought you to this earth, you should be able to account to him for all the gifts you took and use them for HIS glory.