Prayer – Lord I Bow

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2011, defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Lord I bow
Humbly and low
Lord I come
Where I am welcomed home
Lord to you
I give my life, my all
Lord to you
I give my soul, my spirit, my all;
I acknowledge that you are God in this kingdom
I acknowledge that there exists
No other kingdom
What scientist deniably cannot comprehend
I see clearly
Like the stars of heaven;

Lord I bow low
As the sands of the Nile
I acknowledge you as my Father
And I, am your wayward child;
Lord I receive and am grateful
For every gift you’ve given me
Lord help me to share them
For the real purpose, that you have given them to me;
Lord I want to be more, than just an ordinary servant
I want to be like Joseph
And Elijah, and Peter, and Moses
I want to be that which you have deemed is right for me;

I have a store house
I have hardly visited
I know this is true
It’s not just some wayward fantasy in my head;
Like the Samaritan
You have cared for and given into my life;
Like Ruth and Naomi’s relationship
Where thou goeset, is where I will spend the rest of my life;
A fool I never was
Therefore I know the power and release
That these words will cause;
I know, and accept this
Though I ask, you be gentle in your implementation of it;

Lord, still bowed
I continue in my exalt of you
I thank you, even when it feels that you have left
The inner chambers of my heart’s room;
I know of all that which you are the ‘omni’
I know you are never too far,
Just checking on the development of me;
Lord, I conclude and give you praise
Like spittle on my lips
It will be there for the rest of my days.

Lord I bow
Humbly and low
Lord I come
Where I am welcomed home


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